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Global Sports Network is affiliated to the Handball Federation (Singapore).

Trophies, Medals & Plaques

Welcome to the Trophies, Medals & Plaques section of our online catalogue. We offer award and gift items for every occasion, be it to celebrate your team's achievements on the field or in the boardroom. if you are looking for trophies, plaques, plaques or a special something to boost your team's efforts, call us and let us know what you have in mind!

 *** MEDALS ***


 *** MEDALS *** 

GSN_M065 medal Medal M01 Medal M02
GSN_M065 (Metal)
(Current stock: 37G, 3S, 10B)
Medal M01
(Current stock: 33G, 40S, 45B)
Medal M02
(Current stock: >20G, >20S, >20B)
GSN_M062 medal GSN_M063 medal GSN_M064 medal
GSN_M062 (Metal)
(Current stock: 10G, 10S, 10B)
GSN_M063 (Metal)
(Current stock: 21G, 8S, 7B)
GSN_M064 (Metal)
(Current stock: 11G,12S, 8B)
GSN_M059 GSN_M060 medal GSN_M064 medal

GSN_M059 (Metal)

(Current stock: 12G, 6S, 7B)

GSN_M060 (Metal)

GSN_M061 (Metal)

(Current stock: 16G, 1S, 1B)

GSN_M055 medal GSN_M056 medal
GSN_M055 (Metal)

GSN_M056 (Metal)

(Current stock: 1G, 1S, 1B)

GSN_M058 (Metal)

(Current stock: 2G, 15S, 5B)

GSN_M052 medal GSN_M053 medal GSN_M054 medal

GSN_M052 (Metal)

(Current stock 52: 2G, 1S, 15B;
52A: >85G, 43S, 3B)

GSN_M053 (Metal)

GSN_M054 (Metal)

GSN_M050 medal GSN_M051 medal
GSN_M049 (Metal)
(Current stock: TBA)
GSN_M050 (Metal)
(Current stock: 23G, 3S, 12B)
GSN_M051 (Metal)
(Current stock: 7G, 9S, 17B)

GSN_M045 (Metal)
(Current stock: 2S, 6B)

GSN_M046 (Metal)
GSN_M048 (Metal)
(Current stock: 36S, 47B)

GSN_M043 (Metal)

(Current stock: 2G, 2S, 6B)

GSN_M044 (Metal)

(Current stock: 4G, 13S, 1B)

GSN_M014 (Metal)

(Current stock: 2G)

GSN_M040 (Metal)
GSN_M041 (Metal)
GSN_M042 (Metal)

GSN_M007 (Metal)
GSN_M034 (Metal)

GSN_M035 (Metal)

(Current stock: 5G, 5S, 51B)

GSN Mini Medal (Metal)

(Current stock: 6G, 22S, 2B)

Plastic Medal 10

Medal 3.1

(Current stock: 8G, 9S, 10B)



Cup Trophy 3.1 (51cm, 45.5cm, 41cm) Cup Trophy BST1 (44cm, 40cm, 35.5cm) Cup Trophy BST2 (45cm, 40.5cm, 36cm)

GSN Cup Trophy 3.1
(Height: 51cm, 45.5cm, 41cm)

Cup Trophy BST1
(Height: 44cm, 40cm, 35.5cm)

(Current stock: 40cm - 1 unit)

Cup Trophy BST2
(Height: 45cm, 40.5cm, 36cm)

GSN Cup Trophy 32
(Height: 24.5cm, 28cm, 32cm, 36cm, 39.5cm & 44.5cm)
GSN Cup Trophy 31
(Height: 43cm, 48cm, 52.5cm, 56cm, 61cm)
GSN Cup Trophy 30
(Height: 43cm, 48cm, 52.5cm, 56cm & 61cm)

GSN Column Trophy
(Height: 59cm)

GSN 2-Pillar Trophy
(Height: 66.5cm, 61.5cm, 56.5cm)

GSN Cup Trophy 3
(Height: 69cm)

GSN Cup Trophy 33A
(Height: 42cm, 47cm & 54cm)

GSN Cup Trophy 33B
(Height: 28.5cm, 34cm & 41cm)

GSN Cup Trophy 35
(Height: 24cm, 26cm, 29.5cm, 33cm & 36.5cm) 

Victory Lady Trophy
(Height: 45cm, 40.5cm & 31.5cm)
Remaining stocks: 1 unit each!
Star ColumnTrophy
(Height: 31cm, 33.5cm & 36cm)
Victory Lion Trophy
(Height: 16.3cm, 13.3cm)
Remaining stocks: 1 unit each!




GSN Cup Trophy 19
(Height: 26cm, 29cm, 34.5cm & 41.5cm)

GSN Cup Trophy 11
(Height: 24.5cm, 28cm, 31cm
& 34cm)

GSN Cup Trophy 10
(Height: 22.5cm, 25.5cm,
31cm, 34.5cm & 38.5cm)

Spinning basketball trophy
(17.5cm; bowling / soccer models also available)

GSN Cup Trophy 15
(Height: 25cm, 28.5cm & 30.5cm)  

GSN Cup Trophy 14
(Height: 18.5cm;
available in gold, silver & bronze)

GSN Cup Trophy 34
(Height: 20.5cm, 23cm &

GSN Cup Trophy 5
(Metal, 9 inches)  

Resin Bowling Trophy
(12.5 cm)

Metal Cup Trophy 1 Metal Cup Trophy 2 Metal Cup Trophy 3

Metal Cup Trophy 1

Metal Cup Trophy 2

Metal Cup Trophy 3

Acrylic Plaque (15.4cm)


Plastic Trophy (16.5cm)

Table Tennis Trophy
Basketball Trophy
Soccer Trophy

Table Tennis Trophy

Basketball Trophy

Soccer Trophy

 Wooden Plaque

Wooden Plaque

Wooden Plaque in Velvet Case

Crystal Paperweight


Updated October 2022.
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