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Global Sports Network is affiliated to the Handball Federation (Singapore).

Sports Equipment

Welcome to the Sports Equipment section of our online catalogue. Here are some of the sports equipment we sell. Check it out!

Boxing gloves

(8, 10, 12, 14oz)

Fox40 Whistle

Tennis court roller

Bib (Various colours) 

Netball bib (Nylon) 

Air horn (150 g)

Scoreboard (60cm by 30cm)

Electronic Scoreboard
currently out of stock)

Table Scoreboard

(60cm by 30cm)

Ball Pump (Various models)

Basketball rim Basketball net

Portable Basketball Post
(Height-adjustable from 7-10m)


Basketball Rim

Basketball Net

Ball bag (for 3 and 6 balls)

Badminton net

Softball (sponge, 9cm)


Floorball Rink 

Goalpost (various models, for floorball and soccer)

Floorball Helmet

Ball cage

 Ball Cage (30" by 30" by 30")

  Standing Broad Jump Mat 

(1m x 3.5m x 3mm; red)

Handball goalpost

Tennis Racquet

Mini Tennis Racquet

Tennis Racquet

Table Tennis Ball

(Assorted Colours and Sizes) 

8-pc Aluminum Baton Set
(Junior / Senior Set)

Quoit (Rubber)

Soccer Strategy Board

Basketball Strategy Board

Soccer Strategy Board 

Soccer Corner Flag


Handball Glue

(Red, yellow, blue, green)

Basketball BG2000

Rugby Ball

Various Brands/Models)

 Rugby Ball 

Futsal Ball
(Various Brands)


Soccer Ball (Various Brands)

Medicine Ball
(1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg)

Hard Cone - Blue

Hard Cone - Green

 Bean Bag

Rubber Discus

Hard Cone

9-inch Cone - Orange

Cone (9", 12", 15", 18", 24") 

Soft Cone (Various Colours) 

Measuring Tape (50m/100m) 

Air Pump

Casio Stopwatch

Skipping rope

Electric Air Pump 


Skipping Role (Various Models, Optional Counter) 

Gym Mat With Bag (blue)

Yoga Mat With Carrying Case

Top: Chest Expander

Bottom: Power Twister

Other PE/sports equipment available!

Call us at handphone: 94522738 / 97267237

Updated July 2021.
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